Friend's Of The Unborn...Our Mission and Program


“Friends of the Unborn” is a private home and Christian ministry established in 1984, where women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy in need of support, can find caring and compassionate counsel, shelter, and guidance.

This can be a time of great uncertainty and fear of what lies ahead. Our Staff is here to reassure and guide our residents when they often feel helpless and overwhelmed. We believe that all life is precious and deserving of the freedom to live in peace. We show them that the love of Jesus is for all to receive and to love and appreciate the precious life growing within them as a special gift. Our new mothers find great comfort here at our home, as it is a safe haven for them and their unborn or newborn child that some of them have never experienced.

We are a private, non-profit organization that solely relies on donations from generous people like you! We accept NO state or federal funding in order that we can speak to our new mothers about Jesus’ love for them and how they can gain great strength from Him and our community of supporters.

Because we are a program and not just a place to sleep, our residents are required to participate in our educational agenda covering Health, Nutrition, Parenting, Child Development and Bible Study to name a few. Personal finance and budgeting advice is offered as well to promote self-sufficiency and foster self-image as our young families assimilate back into the community.

In addition, residents agree to participate in an individualized education according to their needs, whether it be a GED (HiSET Program), Medical training, Certificate program, College, or maybe English as a second Language (ESL). This is an important part of developing our clients’ sustainability as mothers and as productive working members of society once they move on from our program.
Great emphasis is placed on teaching loving and caring discipline, as well as knowing how to set personal boundaries. We work very hard on these principles as not to repeat poor family patterns or abusive behavior. We are always striving to empower each woman to be the best mother she can be for her child.

Our values


Helping a Life

Children have a right to a great life, and we will help them with that chance.


Mom's Need Help

If you are in need of a home, or any other parental services, we can help!



We have classes for all kinds of individual needs.

Connecting Mothers with Resources

We are here to insure you and your baby live a beautiful life...

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