How to Apply to our Program
Please call our office at 617-786-7903 and set up an intake appointment. You must apply in person. Unfortunately, we cannot do intakes over the phone. We can usually set up an appointment to see you within a day or two of your call. Please note: We are a Safe House and cannot allow any male friends or relations of clients near the house or have knowledge of our address. We ask all who come to our home, to respect this rule for the safety and privacy of all the mothers and children who reside here.

What to Expect When You Come in for Your Appointment
We are a private home in a residential neighborhood. When you come in, a staff member will greet you at the door and take you to a small conference room where you will read a short booklet about our program, rules and what is expected of you during your residency. You will then fill out an application, giving us some information about yourself, how you came to be homeless, and some information on some of the more specific issues you may need help overcoming.
After you finish this application, a kind staff member will sit with you and go over everything in the application and listen to what your specific concerns and needs are and give you an opportunity to ask questions of us as well.
This process takes a little over an hour and we can usually let you know if we are able to house you and accept you into the Program within a week of your interview!
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