Our Home

Our Home
Our large home is in a lovely residential neighborhood where our expectant mothers can live rent free for up to 18 months. Our home consists of beautifully appointed shared bedrooms. Each woman has a single bed, dresser, crib, changing table and closet.

We have a large common living and dining area, and a large kitchen where our mothers prepare their own meals or meals for a group and have access to all the food they need.

We have our own classroom so our women can enjoy the convenience of their life skills classes on site while their babies are cared for in the adjacent room during classes.

Laundry can also be done on site free of charge.

We have a beautiful Chapel and Prayer Garden where residents can find a little time alone in a peaceful place to pray or meditate.
Our home is conveniently located a short walk from the Red Line in the City of Quincy, MA with easy access to Boston, hospitals, schools, libraries and many other important resources.