Our Staff is here to guide and assist each resident with an individual plan. Each resident has her own background and challenges and we work very hard to help them address each one with compassion in the best and most organized way possible.

Their needs range widely so we also collaborate with our social workers from several local and state agencies including but not limited to Boston Healthcare for the Homeless and Blue Hills Healthy Families. Alongside our staff, these workers and nurses from these agencies visit our home weekly and meet with each of our residents regularly to help them with the individual needs that they and their babies may need, whether physical and/or mental as well as helping our woman prepare and navigate plans that involve DCF or issues involving the court system. We also refer some of our clients that have more complex legal or custody cases, to the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute where there are dedicated attorneys who work specifically with the homeless and marginalized community.

In addition, we also guide our residents through the housing application process while they are charting their course ahead for further schooling or job straining.
The on-site life skills and enrichment classes along with our Bible Studies and monthly mass are an integral part of this entire program. We believe that all things are possible with God. When working with women who are hurt and broken, we share our belief with them, that Jesus is our strength and through Him we can change lives and move mountains.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…”
Philippians 4:13