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Expectant mothers can live rent free for up to 18 months.

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Parental development.

Health, Nutrition, Parenting, Child Development...

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We assist each resident with an individual plan.

Friend's Of The Unborn

Welcome to our new website. We are currently updating all the new information over the next several days. Please check back daily as our information will continually update.

“Friends of the Unborn” is a private home and Christian ministry established in 1984, where women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy in need of support, can find caring and compassionate counsel, shelter, and guidance.
We are a private, non-profit organization that solely relies on donations from generous people like you! We accept NO state or federal funding in order that we can speak to our new mothers about Jesus’ love for them and how they can gain great strength from Him and our community of supporters.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the welfare and safety of all unborn children and their mothers...

Our Home

Our large home is in a lovely residential neighborhood where our expectant mothers can live rent free for up to 18 months.

Our Services

Our Staff is here to guide and assist each resident with an individual plan.


This very busy maternity sheltering home that we know today as Friends of the Unborn, began in 1984


Here we focus weekly on the stages of infant development including birthing preparedness as well as cover daily infant care such as breast feeding, swaddling and soothing a baby.

Great Staff

Our staff is well trained, and a tireless group of loving people.

Caring and Love For You and Your Child

Call us today at 617-786-7943

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